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Ruigoord is a magical, one of a kind village. The squatted community is a completely unique area; a place that helps keep our world balanced and provides the city of Amsterdam with much needed spirituality and creativity. We organised this Manifesto to celebrate Ruigoord - to honour it and to maintain it for future generations.

A collective of communities tied to Ruigoord have come together to organise this festival. Their goal is to get everything that is important to Ruigoord a on stage to be celebrated. Expect an adventurous mix of music, theatre, visual arts and other acts for all ages.

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Ruigoord is a unique place with a unique history. Once an island, later an agricultural village and now an artistic community. During the squatting of Ruigoord in 1973, Amsterdam's politicians were focused on developing a new industrial port district in the west of the city. The old port had become too small and Ruigoord had to make way.. but this idealistic and idyllic place full of artists stood its ground, and Ruigoord still stands today.

'A different world, a magical oasis, a safe haven, a small area with big support, a home of creation, a hidden pearl, a brave village with a special drink, a chicken- and egg location, a junction, a flower with a hard edge..'
- author unknown

Luchtbus: Amsterdams Ballongezelschap

Collectief Explosief, DJ Esta Polyesta, DJ Sarah Raisani, DJ Stefnitz, Jampara & The Batalion, Loonaloop, Los Kamer, Salammusik

De Salon

artist t.b.a.


Camiel Daamen, Gino Lightner, Rapunzel, Roger Roger, Paul Sparkes


Guy Gravier, Lövestad (live), Perdu, Tsepo

Once in a Blue Moon

Thunder Jezus b2b Kraut, Children of Moon, Holger Hecler b2b Trippin Jaguar, Isis, Ostendorf


Bulletstorm, Coman Dante, Greg D, Jacob Inhuman, Lysergic, Sonic Skullfuck

Trance Orient Express

Cosmic Arnie, Marciana, Raoul, Saaf, Senseblender, Shotu, Zen

Dutch Acid Family

DAF Friends & Family

Boys Scouts

Florinsz Janvier b2b Guido de Beer b2b Max Ferdinand, Janoma, Kyoso, Saurkraut, The boy with the broken record

Lustrum Silva

artist t.b.a.


Alexander Koning, Bicker, Eric de Man, Lars Johansson, Natarcia, Olmost, René Amesz

Ruigoord Kerk

Brigitte van Hagen (klassiek), Caminho da Fé, Da Gaia, DJ Inphiknight, Jolly Mangos, Miss B